Potty training

Potty training for your Jack Russell Puppy

House training is probably the first thing you’ll start teaching your Jack Russell puppy. The process of learning is easier and faster if you are patient and consistent. Also, get all your family members familiar with training techniques and rules you are using and make sure they all stick to them. There are few different methods you can use to …

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Jack Russel Terrier First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit – A Must Have

There is one thing about Jack Russells that is always first on my mind, and I suppose yours too—their energy. I see it as their advantage, a thing that makes them special, but we must agree that it can lead them to some kind of trouble. Unfortunately, that trouble can end with injuries. I always like to be prepared, it …

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Jack Russell Terrier groom

How To Groom Your Jack Russell

Somehow it seems that people are separated in two groups—one group of people enjoy brushing and bathing their dogs, putting some clothes on or some other accessories; the other group enjoy spending time with their dogs outside or playing, but not grooming them too much. I have to admit, I belong to the second group. I find it more enjoyable …

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