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If you own a Jack Russell terrier or you are thinking about becoming a proud owner of a Jack Russell, you came to right place. Here you can find everything about them, from breeding and grooming tips to training and problem solving tips.

My name is Ana, I’m 33 years old and Kala is my Happy Jack Russell. She is 8 years old.

I’m not a breeder or a trainer, just life-long dog enthusiast and, from the day I knew Kala (my Happy Jack Russell) will enter my life, Jack Russell enthusiast. From that day all I was hearing was JRT’s are extremely active, so crazy, not for an apartment, not for living in a city. I was hearing about how they ruined homes, chewed everything and why would I want to take that dog.

I somehow felt different. I knew we will be a great team. She grew up in a really small apartment and despite that she became normal happy dog because all her needs were met. I started socializing her the first day I took her home (she was 2 months old), after few months we took some socializing classes and when she was about a year old we joined agility training’s. We were both very enthusiastic about it, she was a perfect dog for it and I really enjoyed spending active time with her. Agility strengthened our bond. Unfortunately we had to give it up because of poor conditions on the agility course and it was the only one in Zagreb.

We go for long everyday walks, no matter what the weather is like and we fulfill them with activities she finds interesting, like playing fetch, exploring, some urban agility and playing with other dogs.
We try to spend weekends on hiking trails and spend as much time in the nature. That’s the best for her and for me.

She is my third dog so I was experienced dog-owner, but taking this demanding breed was a encouragement to start studying everything about dogs in general and Jack Russell’s specifically. I just wanted the best life for both of us. Today, as she is five years old, I can proudly say that she is the great dog, with good social skills who I can take where ever I want.

So, if you are in the same challenge I was before or you are just trying to improve your bond with your Jack Russell or solve some problems, here you can find answer to you questions, or if you have some other specific question to which you hadn’t find the answer, fell free to contact me here. I will be glad to answer it.

So, if you live in a city and you fell in love with this beautiful breed, don’t be discouraged, you can live in harmony if all dogs needs are met. Start reading and working with your dog. That’s the best formula.

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One more thing, as Jack Russell’s are very demanding breed, they are often left by people who weren’t able to fulfill their requirements. So, they could be often find in animal shelters, especially breed specific shelters (if there are some in your country) where you can adopt them.

Ana & Kala