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7 Things to Prepare Before You Bring a Jack Russell Puppy Home

Jack Russell puppy

You just became (or are planning to become) a proud guardian of the incredible bundle of joy that is a Jack Russell Terrier puppy and aren’t entirely sure if you have everything that they need to be comfortable and happy? No need to worry, here are the basic things that every JRT puppy and their guardian should have at hand. …

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How to Teach Your Puppy His Name

Teach Your Puppy His Name

Teaching your puppy his name is the single most important lesson that you will impart on him. If he doesn’t know his name you can’t expect him to respond to even the simplest commands and he can’t understand to who you are even talking to when you are telling him that he is a good boy or that he mustn’t …

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Best Chew toys for Jack Russell Puppies

Chew toys for Jack Russell Puppies

So, you bring home that beautiful and adorable little Jack Russell Puppy that has gorgeous eyes and a cute little bark to your home. He does great with the family and does well in learning his commands. However, you notice that he chews everything. Like, everything. And that’s not okay. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. If you are finding that …

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How And When To Start Training Your JRT Puppy

training your puppy

When you bring a puppy home, it’s easy to get lost in all of the great parts that sometimes seem to overshadow the harder bits that are coming. It’s normal, of course, because we think he’s so cute and such a good puppy, but having a puppy in our lives is actually a lot of work. This is mostly because …

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Dealing With Puppy Worms And Parasites

puppy worms

Your new puppy is your pride and joy. He is the star of the family and you love him so much that you can’t even bear the thought of being without him for a moment of your day. This is normal and great, but a big part of making sure that he is a part of your life for a …

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Choosing a Perfect Dog Name

perfect dog name

Your dog is one of the best companions that you can have in your life, and he is a member of your family in some way or another. In order to be a true member, he has to have a name, just like everyone else, though, right? The name is definitely one of the most important decisions to make when …

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Top 7 Mistakes Raising a Jack Russell Puppy

jack russell puppy

Congratulations on the bundle of fur that you brought home from the shelter or breeder, or wherever you visited. A pet is a great addition to the home. However, it’s also very important to make sure that you properly train your dog so that he is a well behaved dog and both him and you are very happy living together. …

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8 Tips For Raising A Happy Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

It’s no secret that you want your dog to be happy. All pet parents want that for their dog, because he is part of the family! Part of keeping your dog happy means that you have to treat him right from the very start. Starting him with a good, healthy lifestyle will make for a happy Jack Russell puppy. Here …

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Socializing a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Socializing Jack Russell Terrier

Socialization is one of the most important things you can do for your Jack Russell puppy. Introducing him to the world in a controlled environment is key to raising a well-behaved, happy and friendly dog. Socializing is familiarization of your JRT puppy with different people, children, other dogs, animals and getting them used to all kinds of environments, sounds, smells …

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Potty training for your Jack Russell Puppy

Potty training

House training is probably the first thing you’ll start teaching your Jack Russell puppy. The process of learning is easier and faster if you are patient and consistent. Also, get all your family members familiar with training techniques and rules you are using and make sure they all stick to them. There are few different methods you can use to …

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