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Is Your Dog Digging Up Your Yard?

Dog digging yard

Upon bringing your Jack Russell Terrier home, you may find that he’s a little more hoodlum-like than you thought. This is normal. He is a hunting dog, primarily, so he has a lot of the tendencies that he was bred for, including digging. It’s understandable that you don’t want your Jack Russell Terrier digging up your backyard, and there are …

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How to Teach Your Jack Russell Terrier to Swim

Swimming Jack Russell Terriers

Summer is coming and you’re looking for a way to get your Jack Russell Terrier ready to enjoy the hot days with you. You are not alone in this venture. Besides, we understand that your beautiful and energetic dog deserves to be part of the family, you love him as much as you love the kids and spouse, right? When …

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Keeping your Jack Russell Off the Furniture

Off furniture

You may love your pooch, but you may not love what he does to your furniture. It’s totally okay to feel this way and, as you may have guessed, totally normal. Some people let their dogs go where ever they want and others don’t. It’s all up to you and what ever you decide is ok – it’s your home …

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Is My Jack Russell Terrier Too Old to Train?

Jack Russell Terrier Too Old to Train

You’ve all heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Quite often, the subject is very far from the dog itself, making you all wonder for a moment or two: “Wait, can you teach an old dog new tricks?” It makes sense. Maybe you bring home your Jack Russell Terrier from a shelter when he is several …

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Introducing your Jack Russell Terrier to Cats

Jack Russell Terrier and Cats

So, you think your Jack Russell is lonely and wants a companion. Having a buddy for your dog to play with while you’re at work is an admirable idea and a good one, if you think he is willing to share his living space and belongings with the other pet and if you have the finances and the option to …

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How To Keep your Jack Russel Active and Fit

Active Jack Russell

You beautiful, hyper Jack Russell Terrier is the apple of your eye, am I right? It’s understandable that you want to keep him happy and healthy then, and part of that is done by taking great care of him by letting him get plenty of exercise. Remember, this breed is particularly hyper and needs to be exercised regularly to keep …

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Indoor Exercises for Your Jack Russell Terrier

Indoor Exercises for Your Jack Russell Terrier

Having a Jack Russell Terrier can be an amazing experience, because these dogs are lovable and always bring a smile to their face. However, you do need to try and think about their health as well, so it’s a very good idea to perform indoor exercises as often as possible. regular exercise will also prolong the Jack Russell terrier lifespan. …

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