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taking your dog to work

10 Tips On Taking Your Jack Russell To Work

You’ve probably heard of “Take your Kid to Work Day”, right? It’s that day where parents in all kinds of professions will take their child to work so that s/he can learn professional skills and also understand the value of what it is that the parents do.

It’s an important day that really helps the whole family appreciate the value of professions. Plus, it’s fun. So, what about “Take you Jack Russell to Work Day”? Not so popular, right? Well, that day exists (well, it’s actually Take your dog to work day) and the next one will be on June 23, so check if the company you’re working for is participating. Or maybe you’re the lucky one (like me) working in a company which allows dogs all year round.

If you want to take your bouncy, hyper dog to work with you, first check if your company already has some rules and be sure to follow them all, but here are 10 tips to help make that a little easier.

1. Set up a space for your dog and show him it when you arrive

Make sure you’ve brought his favorite blanket, etc and make a spot up for him that you should show him immediately after you arrive. This will tell him that it is his spot and he will understand that it’s his to do with what he wishes.

In other words, it’ll keep him occupied so that he doesn’t start digging around in your garbage. It’s clever to prepare dog gate so you can restrict his adventures around the office.

2. Keep an eye on your pet at all times

This is really important. Jack Russell Terriers are hyper dogs by nature, so he is going to start to want to explore and learn all of the new smells. No matter what, make sure he is supervised as he wanders around, as him getting into trouble may cause all sorts of trouble for you in return. Jack Russell Terriers love to get in the middle of everything.

3. Make sure your dog has had all of this vaccinations

This is important especially if there are other animals in the office. Make sure your dog is well taken care of in terms of vaccinations so that he is happy and healthy for his own comfort, too. It all will make for a better experience, and ensure your dog doesn’t pick up anything himself when he’s in your office.

4. Make sure your dog is well trained for telling you when he has to do his business!

As you can imagine, this is very important for obvious reasons. If your dog is still learning to be house trained, don’t bring him in! The last thing that you want is to be cleaning up dog pee while explaining to your angry boss what happened. Additionally, make sure you are armed with cleaning supplies in case he does have to go to the bathroom and he accidentally does it in your office.

5. Bring a toy, treats, food and bowls

Jack Russell Terriers, as mentioned, are very active and need plenty to do. So, bring him a variety of toys and bones for him to chew on and play with so that you know he will enjoy his time at the office with yourself and your coworkers. Make sure, too, that you interact with him when he is being good. Tell him words of praise and give him a treat so that he understands you are happy with his actions.

I don’t think there is a need to explain a need for food and bowls, after all where ever you read anything about dogs, there is stated that a dog should have available plenty of fresh water.

6. Exercise him beforehand so he is wore out

Since they need to be busy all the time, make sure you take your Jack Russell for a long walk before work so that he is ready for a nap when he gets there. This will help you transition him to the office easier. You’ll love the peace and quiet as well as knowing that your dog is getting his exercise, which is always a good thing!

7. Check with your co-workers

Before you bring your dog in – even if the rules allow it – make sure you check with your coworkers to see how they feel about having a dog wandering around. Some may have allergies, or be scared of dogs.

The last thing you want to do is have a coworker be really upset with you for bringing him in, so take this seriously and make sure you listen to what they don’t say as much as what they do say. It’s important to make sure that your job comes first.

8. Take it in little steps first

Since Jack Russell Terriers need to wander and move around and chew up things, make sure you introduce your dog to your work a couple hours at a time. This will help you and your coworkers adjust to it, too, so that everyone is happy and feeling like this is a positive experience. Everyone needs to get used to having your beloved pet in the office.

9. If your dog panics, stay calm

If your dog gets upset, stressed, of just starts going off on a whinging or barking spree, make sure you don’t panic, as that will set him off even more. Talk to him in a calm voice, take him out for a stroll and remember that you have to be a role model for the behavior for your dog, as much as you may not want to think about it that way.

10. Reward good behavior

As mentioned earlier, make sure your dog understands when he’s done something good or bad. Reward the good behavior with some treats and other great little things like praise and a walk of some kind. He will be more inclined to repeat the good things if he understands that that they are good, remember. And, the better off your dog acts, the more your boss is going to be okay with his presence.

All in all, these 10 tips should help you get started on introducing your dog to the work world so that he and you have a great time that is going to make it a great experience for everyone in the office.

Remember that not all dogs are cut out for the world, and Jack Russell Terriers in particular need to be kept busy at all times in one form or another. Remember this, and all should go pretty smoothly, or one would hope.

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