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Rescue a Jack Russell

7 Reasons to Rescue a Jack Russell Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend, or that’s what they say, anyway. They are lovable bundles of joy that make us proud pet parents from start to finish of our lives. Even if we have not grown up with a dog in our house, having the right one can lead to a better experience for kids, and single people or young couples who are looking to make a commitment without bringing a baby into their lives quite yet.

When you decide to bring a lovely Jack Russell Dog into your lives, you’re making the right choice, and now there comes the choice in how you bring one home. Are you going to buy one from a pet store or a breeder, or rescue one from a shelter?

1. You’ll save his life

If you decide to bring your Jack Russell Terrier home from a shelter in your community, you will save his life. Many shelters are forced to put down their dogs once they’ve been there for a certain amount of time, though none like to do it.

By bringing a dog home, you will enable him to live his life and enjoy it, instead of potentially facing a death sentence simply because he has already used up his time in his shelter apartment. Help give the dog a life so that you both can enjoy it.

2. You’ll give him a good family

Except in rare cases, many dogs that come into a shelter didn’t have good lives. Sometimes they are given up because of a death of a relative, but most cases it’s because the dog outgrew its usefulness or the owners decided that the dog didn’t belong with them anymore. So, by rescuing a dog from a shelter, you will be able to give him a good family with you and your loved ones. That’s all a dog wants.

3. You help deal with overpopulation

Shelters are crowded the way they are because they are dealing with overpopulation. This is due to the fact that many dogs aren’t neutered or spayed, meaning litters and litters of puppies, which leads to a lot of them ending up in shelters that are similar to the one you’re considering looking at. By bringing a dog home, you’re also helping a dog that needs the spot in the shelter.

One tenant leaves, another one comes in. That’s what happens with busy animal shelters that have a lot of strays come in. Overpopulation is something you can help with.

4. You can still get a purebred

Shelters are a place that most people associate with mutts. The thing is, a lot of the dogs that come into the shelter are actually purebreds. You can still wait for a purebred if that’s what you want, and sooner or later one will come into the shelter for you to bring home. Also, there are breed specific shelters where you can find exactly what you want.

But still, consider the option of a mixed breed. Jack Russell Terriers are fantastic dogs, but when combined with features from other dogs, they continue to be pretty amazing. Don’t limit yourself too far in the scope of which kind of dog you are looking at, better choose it by their temper.

5. You can help fight against puppy mills

Bringing home a lovely adopted Jack Russell Terrier helps your fight back against the horrors of puppy mills. Whether you’ve ever been to one or not, you know that they are bad and horrific for the dogs that live there. Focus your attention on shelters, and puppy mills will soon see that their business has dried up and the puppies and dogs will all be released so that they can go to loving homes, too, you can help fight the battle.

6. You can get an adult dog or a puppy, or something in between

If you aren’t crazy about getting a puppy, you can look at something like a six month old dog, or one that is several years old already. This will allow you to enjoy a dog without going through all of the months that a puppy will take from you. This is great if you live alone and you have a job that works many hours a day. Plus, you’ll be helping an older dog get a home that he might otherwise not have.

7. He will have a distinct personality

While each Jack Russell Terrier will have his own personality no matter where he comes from, shelter animals are known for having unique personalities that give them a chance to enjoy their lives and bring some joy to those around them. This will give both him and you a great laugh and some great stories to tell loved ones. A shelter gives you a variety of personalities to choose from as they are all evaluated and cared for by shelter stuff.

Choosing a rescue dog for your brand new Jack Russell Terrier family member is a great idea. They are lovable, need a family, and will help you fight against puppy mills and overpopulation. A rescue dog is always a better idea than one from a pet shop or a puppy mill, as he will give you all the more love and attention that you’re looking for, and he gets a loving home in return.

Consider the option today and you’ll see what you’re missing out on.


  1. Michael Jablonski

    My jack Russell was injured by our other jack. She has a puncture wound on right paw vet said no broken bones. I instantly carry her around the house to avoid attacks by both dogs. It hurts me to give away Jumper but I mustfor my wife’s sake. Can anyone help me.

    • Hi Michael, thank you for writing. I don’t know how serious are problems between your Jacks, but I would suggest to try hiring a dog trainer before giving her away. But please choose somebody who uses only positive reinforcement and has some knowledge in solving such problems. Such situations can be solved with lots of work and careful handling. Giving away your dog is really hard, so leave it as last option. Good luck.


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