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Chew toys for Jack Russell Puppies

Best Chew toys for Jack Russell Puppies

So, you bring home that beautiful and adorable little Jack Russell Puppy that has gorgeous eyes and a cute little bark to your home. He does great with the family and does well in learning his commands.

However, you notice that he chews everything. Like, everything. And that’s not okay. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. If you are finding that your terrier’s chewing is getting out of hand and you are looking for some great options to get him to stop destroying your furniture, here are some of the best chew toys for Jack Russell Terrier puppies.

KONG Puppy toy

These are a classic and well loved toy of dogs and puppies alike. If your puppy is teething, he’ll enjoy this toy because it allows him to chew away and still have something to work and worry at. As well, you can fill these ones with treats or a peanut butter that will keep him interested and chewing away.

If you are looking to keep him occupied while you are away for a few hours, this is a great way to do just that, though remember that some dogs are picky at what they are willing to chew, even when they’re teething. Be sure to choose a right size for your puppy.

Rope toy like Mammoth Flossy Chews

These are great, durable options that will last your dog a while and allow him to get some great chewing without you having to worry about his destroying the toy into shreds. As well, the soft materials will be forgiving so that he will enjoy chewing all the time.

This is great news for your belongings, and you will love that these toys are easily affordable and can be purchased in multiples if need be. These make great toys to use for tug or war, too, a puppy favorite that will allow them to really get into chewing and all that it can do for them.

Remember, chewing is normal and healthy. Just not on your furniture, right?

Toys for freezing like Nylabone Romp ‘N Chomp Freezer Bone

Yes, it sounds awfully human, but dogs love toys that have been frozen or at least chilled. This is because during teething season, your dog’s gums get agitated so that they are uncomfortable. If the toy is warm, the dog will chew it for a while, but if it is chilled, your dog will chew and chew and chew so that you will have more trouble getting him to stop chewing for his supper, than getting him to continue to chew in the first place.

This is a much loved toy for both dogs and humans. It’s easy to do, and you can even put multiple toys in there at once to keep them all at the perfect temperature so that your Jack Russell Terrier never goes for your shoes.

Treat/Edible toys like Nylabone Just For Puppies Starter Kit

A no brainier, toys that feature a food element are always a hit, because puppies love to chew and eat. Those kinds of toys often will keep them more entertained so that you don’t have to worry about when it gets too quiet.

Make sure he doesn’t get too many treats because you don’t want him to get reliant on them, but a spoonful of safe peanut butter in a KONG toy certainly won’t hurt him once in a while, and you’ll love the way he focuses entirely on the toy for hours at a time. Puppies may have short attention spans, but not when there is food involved!

Pick toys you can join in the fun with

Puppies absolutely love playing with their humans, so make sure that you pick toys with which you can join in on the fun. Known as ball-obsessed, every Jack Russell has to have a quality ball to chase and there is no ball we can recommend more than Chuckit! Ultra Ball (or any other Chuckit! ball), sturdy but not too hard, it is bouncy and floats, ideal for fun at any place, including water.

Remember that your dog wants you to play with him, so play fetch, tug of war, whatever you have to to keep him occupied. As well, if you have to leave, give him the toy that you use to play with him, because it’ll give him comfort and the reminder of his human so that he doesn’t get too upset when he realizes that he is alone. Often times, it will give you a peace of mind, too.

Toys that make sounds like KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

As far as history and biology go, dogs love toys that make sounds because it reminds them of prey. That may sound terrible, and it kind of is I guess, but it’s the truth. Squeaky toys that are durable will allow them to feel as though they are winning the fight against their prey.

It won’t keep them occupied as long a though toys that have food, but it will help with the battle to keep him out of your couch cushions.

Try different materials

Some dogs love hard toys, others love rope ones, etc. Make sure you pick a toy that your dog likes, the ones that he focuses on entirely are the ones that are best for him. Remember that part of keeping your dog happy in terms of chewing is by selecting the right toys for him to enjoy.

He’ll get bored pretty quickly if you don’t buy him the right toys. Take your puppy’s happiness seriously, as part of getting him to behave is making sure that he is well occupied with his toys. Plus, he’ll love you even more if you buy him awesome toys that make him happy…just laying that out there for all of your pet parents wanting to make things work.

Keeping your puppy out of trouble can be hard a lot of the time because they are naturally curious and want to make sure that they get into everything. You can help curb the destruction, however by making sure that you give him great toys that keep his attention and help sooth his irritated gums so that he is comfortable and happy.

Use these tips as your base to make sure that you are equipped with the right toys to keep your pooch happy at all times, and you’ll get all of the rewards for yourself.


  1. I have a 13 week JRT. Prior to my new family member I had JRT we had to have put down in May 2017. It’s a void that can’t be filled. We had her 17 years. I agree as challenging as they are I would not have anything else.

    • Hi Ron, I agree with you, they are truly special. I’m sorry for the loss of your first pup, but this new little one will help you heal. Have a great life together filled with fun and adventures. Cheers, Ana

    • Hi Ron;

      That is one of the hardest things in life and I feel your pain … we just got a puppy and OMG I forgot how crazy they can BE!!!! But I absolutely love this puppy to death. I love Jack Russells.

      • Hi Debbie, congrats on a new puppy, it’s so exciting. Puppies can be hard, overwhelming and crazy, but they are so cute and funny. Enjoy every second of the puppyhood as soon he’ll be all grown up and still crazy :D
        Cheers, Ana

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