dog clicker training

How to Use a Clicker for Dog Training

Here on HJR we’re all about positive training techniques and one of the best is today’s subject – clicker training. This is a method of learning by operant conditioning – you will help your puppy start behaving a certain way by reinforcing the positive consequences of his actions. If your pet is doing the right thing, it will be rewarded …

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Dog treats

Best Dog Treats For Training Your Jack Terrier

We want to take the best care of our pets from the places they rest and play to the collars they wear, but one thing we often forget is to take real notice at what they eat. Treats are a fantastic thing for our favourite four legged friends. They would do anything to get them, and we use their love …

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Teach Your Puppy His Name

How to Teach Your Puppy His Name

Teaching your puppy his name is the single most important lesson that you will impart on him. If he doesn’t know his name you can’t expect him to respond to even the simplest commands and he can’t understand to who you are even talking to when you are telling him that he is a good boy or that he mustn’t …

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Dog Burying or Guarding Food

Is Your Dog Burying or Guarding Food?

Have you noticed that your favorite pet is hiding his meals or becomes nervous when you approach him while he’s eating? These are all perfectly normal instinctual behaviors for dogs. They can be more pronounced in some dogs than in others but all have an innate tendency towards it. Here are some great tips on how to deal with such …

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Jack Russell Terriers and children

Jack Russell Terriers and Children

Having a toddler in the house is a big challenge not only for us humans, but also for all four legged members of our household. You must make sure that both you and your pets are as prepared as you can be for the big changes in your life and home that are inevitable with a little one (or ones) …

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Supplementing Dog Nutrition

Are You Supplementing Your Dog’s Nutrition?

Although most high quality store bought dog food are nutritionally balanced and contain all essential nutrients necessary for our pets sometimes we should consider supplementing their diet with some additional vitamins and minerals. Especially if the dog leads an active lifestyle like my darling Jack Russell Terrier Kala. Just remember that you must absolutely consult with your veterinarian before giving …

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Dog frisbee

Dog Frisbee – a Great Outdoor Game

This highly energetic, awesomely fun sport is a favorite pastime of many dog-parents and their four legged companions. It’s one of the best ways to exercise and have some fun in the sun for the both of you. Catching and throwing a flying disc is a skill that must be gradually learned and practiced by both you and your pet …

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best dog books

10 Best Dog Books Every Dog Owner Should Read

Communication is the key to everyday life. Our ability to transfer thought and meaning through different means – language, writing, signs, etc. is the basis of our survival. The same applies to your life with a four legged companion. You don’t speak the same language, you even aren’t the same species yet with some careful observation and patience you can …

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Jack Russell Terrier - the hunting dog

Jack Russell Terrier – The Hunting Dog

Although my darling Jack Russell Kala is above all my trusty companion, life partner and a house pet without any real experience in hunting (just like me) I still observe a lot of her hunting instincts in everyday life. I’ve come to understand that that’s just how Jack Russell Terriers are by nature. For that reason I decided to write …

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Pulling on The Lead

How to Stop Your Jack Russell Terrier Pulling on The Lead

We all know that feeling when our furry companions try to pull our hands out of their sockets trying to go their own way without any heed for our plans (or feelings for that matter). Even with a small breed like Jack Russell’s, they are small but mighty and can pull with more power than one could expect. Pulling on …

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