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Traveling Jack Russell Terrier

Traveling With Your Jack Russell Terrier

Vacations tend to be more fun when you bring your furry companion along, but there is plenty to take into consideration when you need to prepare for your trip together.

A lot of it involves research and careful consideration about where you’re going and what you’re going to do. You also must know your dog’s personality well and any medical conditions that s/he has that could affect your travel plans. Here is a list of things that you need to consider when planning your vacation for both you and your Jack Russel Terrier.

Plan route and find dog friendly hotels

First, start your research early. Plan out your route in advance and ensure that you choose hotels that are pet friendly. It’s more than being pet friendly, however, it should be taken into consideration that pets are comfortable and encouraged in these locations.

Locations like these will be advertised over the Internet, seeing as animals are popular traveling companions. It’s also important to make sure that you check for extra fees that will be added. Sometimes they’re hidden, so be sure to look thoroughly.

Also make sure that you look at the reviews for the hotel, to find out experiences other pet owners had there, it’s important to make sure you feel as though your dog will enjoy him/herself there.

Vet hospitals and first aid

On the same note, make sure that you search for all veterinary hospitals near your planned route. Write down their contact numbers so if s/he gets sick or there is some sort of accident you know that s/he will be taken care of. Other than that, always have by your side a pet first aid kit and some booklet or mobile app with pet first aid instructions.

If your dog isn’t micro-chipped, consider doing it before you hit the road because it could save his life and more easily bring him back to you if he gets lost. Also, don’t forget your dog’s passport if traveling abroad and check all requirement of a country you are traveling in, they might request quarantine for a dog entering that country.

Road trips

When choosing from all kinds of transport, you may find that your Jack Russell is the most comfortable in the car. This is mostly due to the fact that you can control everything from the amount of time driving, to the temperature. While on the road make sure you take your furry companions needs into consideration, including plenty of bathroom breaks and stretch breaks in which the dog can get out and explore.

Always use a leash during the breaks to prevent accidents or running after wild animals, at least a very long one that will allow him plenty of freedom. This is crucial to keeping your animal safe and happy. It is important to have a list of necessities for a dog, including among many things, a collar and a leash, bowls, veterinary records and ID tags that’ll go on his collar. It is also important to have a photo of him in case you get separated and need to enlist help.

Don’t forget to secure your Jack Russel during the ride. Use a crate if your Jack is used to it, it will provide him a secure place with a well-known smell of a home, or a dog car harness. That way you secure your dog and yourself in case of an accident.

If you’re planning on traveling by car, it is important to make sure that you get your dog used to being in the car. This means you should take him before you start your journey for frequent rides around the block, or to places that make them happy such as the park or toy store.

The goal is to get them used to being in the car without being fearful and to see if s/he’ll get nauseous. If s/he is scared or nauseous from car rides, odds are traveling by car is not the best option. It’s important to keep your dog happy, after all.

When you start your journey, never leave your Jack Russell in a parked car. During the summer it can easily get too hot in the car and too cold during winter. Even if you think the temperature isn’t a problem, you are leaving him to unfamiliar surroundings and you could end up with a scared, anxious or provoked dog.

Also, your Jack Russell can easily get bored and start chewing and destroying car parts. Bring plenty of supplies that smell like home, including his bed and toys. This will make him feel better in the car as well as in a hotel room.

Traveling by plane

Going by plane is a preferred option for many people, but it’s important to remember that often dogs end up in the cargo section of the plane, which often leads to injury or a large amount of fear on their end. If your dog must travel in the cargo department you have the right to request that you watch your dog being loaded and unloaded onto the plane yourself. If the workers know you are watching, they will treat your animal better.

There’s some airline companies that will allow small dogs to be stored in dog carriers in the cabin with the people, that being said many of them have certain restrictions on noise levels. So, while your dog maybe accepted, excessive noise will get you in a lot of trouble.

Before you choose a plane as a traveling option, call an airline company and find out which are their requirement for transporting a dog – what kind of crates are required, do they have any health and immunization requirements and what is required for taking your dog to the cabin if allowed.

Be aware that traveling by plane is not so good option for transporting a dog – dogs could get lost, die from temperature extremes or some other factor, so use this kind of transport only if necessary and don’t forget to mark your dog really well – put an ID tag on the collar and all your contact information, also, put all of it on the carrier too.

Traveling by boat or train

You will find that traveling by boat or train is often not an option if you have an animal. Lots of ship and train companies don’t even allow dogs and even if they do, you have very restricted space to move and really rare stops while you could walk your dog for a bathroom and stretching brake.

Reaching your destination

When staying at a hotel, it’s best not to leave the dog alone in the room. It’s a good idea to let the hotel staff know that your dog is in the room for safety reasons as well as noise complaints. Leaving the dog in the room alone follows the same rules as the car, make sure there’s plenty of information, plenty of familiar surroundings around such as blankets, dog bed and toys, however, make sure that you let the hotel staff know in case he gets anxious or they can spare a moment to check up on him from time to time.

Lastly, make sure you plan your vacation with your pet in mind. Do things that will make them happy, including lots of walks, treats, toys, and his favorite food that will make him feel as though he is home.

If you are going on a business trip, it is not a good idea to bring him. If you are looking forward to a nice relaxing time sight-seeing however, your dog can enjoy the sights too, in his own way. This is why research is so important, to assure that you plan a vacation that will be a fun and exciting trip for both you and your loved Russell terrier.

Traveling with your dog is not intended to be a scary experience, but it does come with a certain set of necessities. Once these are all taken into consideration, however, you can have a great time with your furry friend, knowing that both you and him will have a great time seeing the sights and exploring. So, go ahead and load your Terrier into the car for your next adventure, it’s sure to be fun!

If you have any traveling tips to add or any questions, please share them in a comment section.

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